The Energy Asset Experts of OutSmart are since 2008  active in the renewable energy sector and celebrate their 10th anniversary. A short interview with Dennis Schiricke, managing director of OutSmart.

Which market developments are seen by OutSmart over the last 10 years?
“The renewable energy market is Fast maturing, with continuous innovations and closing subsidy schemes in Europe. These trends result in the need to have more grip on the process, a transparent way of working together and achieving the prognosed efficiency “

How did OutSmart contribute to the energy transition?
“We act as frontrunner in the energy transition market since 2008.  We support our client base with an increasing grip on their operations and therewith they are profiting from the Power of Predictability –  our promise to maximise the commercial value of the (electricity) contracts. We operate four offshore wind parks,  two large onshore wind parks and two onshore portfolios. In total more than 1,800 MW installed capacity. A total production to provide 1.500.000 households with renewable energy.“

What will be OutSmart’s next steps?
Dennis Schiricke: “We continuously improve our position as frontrunner. It is our mission to maximize the short and midterm efficiency for our clients in the renewable energy marketplace.”